Platform Racing 3

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Platform Racing 3 is two-dimensional online racing game created by Jacob Grahn aka Jiggmin. It was hosted on which was shut down on 3.2.2015 and took the game with it. On summer 2015 project called "Platform Racing 3 Reborn" was started by isokissa3. The project goal was bring the game from death and creating the backend for it by reverse engineering the client. We do have Jiggmin's permission.

18.8.2015 - Register, login, level & block editor was fully functional
20.8.2015 - New feature was added, block categorys
10.10.2015 - Server alpha test begun, with missing multiplayer functional. Written in C#. Crashed below 24h.
6.11.2015 - Multiplayer was implemented without exp
22.11.2015 - Exp system was implemented
10.1.2016 - New feature was added, Heart block was added
12.4.2016 - Level rating have been changed from stars to likes & dislikes. Also the server was rewritten in Java due to spaghetti code in the previous server due to no background knowledge how the game protocol has been implemented.
16.4.2016 - New block type was created called "Reflector" which reflected lasers. Also glass block was made to have this new feature
23.4.2016 - Middle clicking block on level editor grabs it. Making building levels faster!
30.4.2016 - Shift tools ware added to level editor. Making building levels even faster!
5.5.2016 - New feature was added, Bow was added
16.5.2016 - Login and register have been moved from web to game itself. FINALLY!
8.9.2016 - You are now able to kick others out of match listing.
11.9.2016 - New feature was added, King Of The Hat
9.11.2016 - New feature was added, checkpoint block type was added & set custom default deathmatch health
20.11.2016 - New feature was added, tournaments
23.11.2016 - Full mobile support

Team deathmatch